After the perpetual timer runs out, if you have a trade you will receive a notification/email/geekmail that you have a pending trade. Following that link will take you to the page below.


After reviewing the trade you will have until the timer runs out (typically only 3 days) to approve "Thumbs up" or reject "Thumbs down" the trade.''

Once you approve the trade you will receive a message that it's been approved and it's time to contact the other traders!

If rejected, you will see a list of the items you would have received or would send. You will be presented with several questions as to why you're rejecting. Depending on your response these items will be automatically updated with that information. For example, if you click "I don't want this" for the Robot Unicorn Attack game, the system will automatically unwant that game for you.

After making your selection you MUST click the reject button in the lower right.

Allowing the trade to time out before accepting/rejecting will automatically reject the trade. Users are excited about receiving their new item so please be polite and considerate to their time and feelings.