Results 2.png

1. "Results Summary" will provide a different printed lists of the results. The 4 choices are
  • "Separate by username" - This list shows each username with a trade. It then shows what they are giving and what they are receiving.
  • "Just my trades" - This list is similar to above, only it only shows who you are giving and receiving from
  • "Trade Loops" - This list provides the detailed list of who gives who to what and why.
  • "Review my selections" - This list shows your posted items and what you were willing to trade them for.
2. This line provides the different filters for looking through the results. Changing the "Successful trades" to "Not trading" shows all untraded items. This list is most useful for potentially working out side trades after the results are in.
3. This box shows one of the resultant trades. In all cases the receiver is on the left, the item exchanged is in the middle, and the sender is on the right.
4. Clicking the "Users Wanting" text will take you to a separate window that displays all users wanting that item.

Trades that you're involved with giving something will display the "BGG direct trade" buttonUntitled.png
Clicking this button will automatically setup a trade exchange in BGG trade manager. You don't have to have the game in your "for trade" list for this to populate correctly.
BGG Trade.png