Welcome message
The pop-up shown is a one time "quick start tutorial" that we plan on adding to. Click "OK" to proceed.

Page Layout



1. This will minimize or maximize the dashboard (items# 2-6) and show/hide them.

2. On the left there's a blank square. Clicking it will allow you to load an avatar picture (jpg, gif, bmp, png) that will be displayed along with your items.

3. Clicking this will take you back to the browse page with the master list of items and events

4. Clicking this will display "My Profile" (user preferences and settings), "My Item Lists" (your list of items for trade and lists of items you want), and "Notifications" (status changes on items or questions users have on your items)

5. Clicking displays "Host Trades" (create a trade event)

6. A link to this wiki and the YouTube tutorial page.



1. These "Lightening links" only appear have you've joined a trade or have a trade approved. They'll take you to the Trade Event Page.

2. This toggles between the two types of trades. The perpetual trade (everything/everywhere) and a trade hosted by a user. The timer is showing how long before the trade results are run and users have potential trades sent out. Hosted trades can be face to face or shipping. They are often themed or their members have something in common.

  • "Search" tab allows users to browse through listings
  • Add items allows you to add items to listings
  • Make trades is the way you make connections between what you've added and what you want

4. Filters

  • "The 3 lines" filter allows you to change your view
    • Detail - As shown in the example, provides the most detail
    • Card View - Only shows image, name, comments, associated trade
    • Image Only - Only displays the image of the posting
    • Text Only - Only displays the text of the posting
  • "All items" filter allows you to view
    • "All items" in the listing
    • "Not Mine" all items BUT your listings
    • "Mine" only your listings
  • "Category" filters items by their respective category.
  • "Wanted" displays listings that you've currently/previous indicated that you've wanted by clicking the green +
  • "Distance" allows users to sort the distance by different methods
    • "Most recent" sort listings by newest listings
    • "Alphabetical" sort listings in alphabetical order
    • "Chronological" sort listings by listed post date
    • "Username" sort listings in alphabetical order by username rather than listing name
    • "Distance" sort listings by closest to farthest from your listed location

5. Item listing (explained from left to right, top to bottom)

  • The images picture, listing name, description, owner/contact owner
  • Date posted - Comments about the listing - $ (Estimated value of item) - Distance from you - Location
  • This listing shown is a listing of mine while logged in, In the lower right the "Pencil" allows you to edit a listing or delete the listing


1. "Notifications" messages (status changes on items or questions users have on your items)

2. This is your mailbox. Any messages from users, hosts, or important site related messages will appear here.


  • "Change Log" shows the latest changes to abecorn

  • "Profile" (user preferences and settings)

  • Logout