How to get to host toolsHowtoHostTools.png
Click the pencil to edit your trade.Click the trashcan to delete your trade. You will receive a warning prompt before being able to delete.

Clicking any "+" symbol on this page will display the information under that topic.

1. Notice the green "Results Final" button, ONLY press this if you want to manually end the trade and send out the results.

2. "Show trade results" is a way for the host to process and see the results of the trade and check for any user mistakes or rules violations.

3. "Send message to current participants" allows the host to message all users in the trade.

4. "Show remove participants" allows a host to forcibly remove an individual and their items from a trade. You can also check on user's want lists to confirm participants have done anything.

5. "Show reputation requirements" allows a host to require participants have a 3rd party reputation/feedback system linked to their abecorn account in order to join the trade.

6. If changes need to be made from the original posting, they can be made here and republished.