Host Setup.png

1. Give the trade a name for users to see.2. Give an accurate description of who/what/when/where/why and rules or information you think might be important.3. This date/time is when the trade will end and results will be displayed.4. Type in a location where the event will occur (for no-ship trades, give the exchange location/for ship trades give the country/state/continent)5. Will users be required to ship their items? If Yes, users will be required to provide a shipping address to participate.6. "Results Final?" pertains to if the host wishes to see the final results first for accuracy before allowing users to see the trade results.7. If you wish to have your trade results automatically posted to BGG @ abecorn guild page click yes.8. If you wish to lock the trade so no new items can be posted.

Click Next when finished

Host Setup2.png

Page 2, assign pictures to the trade

1. Click "Add file" or drag a photo into the box. Click upload when finished. Uploaded photos will appear in the above box.

2. Once finished uploading photos. Click "Publish" to activate your trade.

Once the trade starts the host's job isn't over. Check out Host tools and trade maintenance