Quick Start Steps
1. There are two types of trades Perpetual trade (a constant trade space between everything) and a Hosted trade (a trade space organized around an event or theme). Pick which one you'd like to participate in.

2. Want items
Click the green + button. The listing will be added to your "Make trades" tab.

3. Add items


1. Click this to import your Board Game Geek data

2."Edit Items Added" is for editing items you've already added to the trade. To the right of that "$" and the gift box symbol are for adding cash and gift cards.

3. The search bar is for searching for the item you wish to add. Click the "Search" button after typing in an item.

4. After clicking the "Search" button a list of items matching your description will appear. Click the green + to add the item to the list. If the item you want isn't on the list click the blue + symbol to add a custom item.

After clicking the + symbol to add an item, a item entry window will appear. This is where you can enter information about the item. At a minimum it's best to mention the condition of the item you are adding. Below click the camera icon and you can select a default picture or upload a new one.

You can select a default image, upload your own image, or choose a URL. If you upload your own image, click "Add file", and then click "Start Upload" (files are limited to 4 megs). After uploading the image will appear in the box next to the other default picture. After selecting click "Submit" in the lower right.


4. Make Trades
After wanting items and adding items, the next step is to make the connections between them.
-Your entries are the row at the top-The entries you want are the column on the left-The intersection of your entry with the wanted entry is called a cell. Clicking this cell means that you would be willing to exchange your entry for that wanted entry. Clicking multiple cells to the right of a wanted entry means you'd be willing to trade ONE of your chosen entries for that. In other words ALL exchanges when made are only 1 entry for 1 entry.
"Print Matrix" will give you a formatted list of what you'd be willing to trade for each of your listings.matrix.png



5. After the timer runs out on the event it's time for the Trade results.Please communicate and be polite to your fellow traders.